onsdag den 20. maj 2009

torsdag den 27. november 2008

Lily Electric EP and SHOP

Well back and home after a nice tour in Denmark, we would like to thank everyone who showed up at our concerts. The silent release of our new Lovelite ep #1 on Loppen and everyone of you who bought it, made us very happy. We still think this is the best we´ve yet done, and we can assure you that more like it will be out next year.

For those of you who didn´t get to buy it at our concerts, we have made it possible now actually to buy it on our website...yeah! Here you can order a physical copy or download it - and then copy it! ( http://www.lilyelectric.com/shop). And you can order our first real t-shirts!!

We are very happy to announce that the european release of "You´re in the painting you saw" will be on the 6. March ´09. So you sweet people who have asked us about that in some time, you can now hold that against us. But this time it should be more certain than if Bush got a third period! Let´s cross our fingers and hope that don´t happen. Wir drücken die Daumen!

And we already know that at least two german tours will be a reality. We look forward to writing you more about that later...

We will make some more music and be ready with new songs for you next year.

Have fun and a happy christmas!

Lily Electric

lørdag den 11. oktober 2008

New songs on Myspace and Templet news

Hi friends!

We have just uploadet 2 songs from our NEW Lovelite EP #1 on our myspace-site..We will only upload these, the rest and of course these can only be bought at our concerts through the next couple of weeks.


1. The Pedestrians

2. Rats Blossom Into Boys

3. Screams

4. No Love Like In Missing Someone

5. Dancing Rakes

6. Elephants

Concert at Templet on Thursday the 16th:

Our tour will begin at Templet, Lyngby, Copenhagen on thursday. If you want to see this concert, you can send us a mail with your full name and only pay 40,- kr in the entrance. And feel free to bring your best friends or who you would like to...ain..t that nice!!

Write a mail to news@lilyelectric.com and we will write you on the list...

On this night we are happy to have the great other danish band Mellemblond to play with us. So two good bands will do their best to make it a great night.

Have a great weekend and until then!!


Lily Electric

tirsdag den 30. september 2008

We are releasing an EP with 6 NEW songs!...In two weeks..!

Tekst: We are releasing an EP with 6 NEW songs!...In two weeks..!!

It will be a "secret" release, so it will not be possible to buy it in any physical shops, anywhere. ONLY at our concerts from the 16.October and in the future. But it is the best we..ve yet done...It will be possible to hear some of the new songs on our websites and of course LIVE, when we play a bunch of nice concerts in Denmark from 16.october to 1.november. And hit the german cities in the spring ..09.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, referred to as the Lovelite EP # 1, it was recorded over this summer with Jochen Ströh, our fine genius of a soundguy in his little studio. Lovelite EP # 1 is the first of two EP..s. The next one will be released in the spring of 2009.

In danish:
Og til de søde mennesker der tænker på at komme og se os på Templet d. 16 oktober: Man kan fra i dag af komme på vores liste til Templet og betale 40,- kr i entré. I skal bare skrive en mail til os med jeres fulde navne.

Skriv til denne mail, news@lilyelectric.com , så skriver vi jer på listen! og sig det til alle jeres venner, alle på listen kommer ind for 40,- kr uanset hvor mange det er!

Vi glæder os til at se jer om et par uger!!

More news very soon about new video, new single and the new EP!

yo again!

Lily Electric

torsdag den 11. september 2008

Lily Electric Fall Tour ´08

We have now added the tourdates for our fall tour in october in Denmark. It is now possible to buy tickets.
We want you all to come since we are performing special new songs from our fresh Lovelite recordings. The 6 new songs will only be available at the concerts, and we are very proud, so cathing us live will give you a "secret inside of what..s coming". More about that next week!

8 October - 21:30 Roter Salon, Berlin ( PopKomm)
8 October - 23:30 Lovelite, Berlin ( PopKomm)
16 October - 20:00 Templet, Lyngby
17 October - 20:00 Månen, Haderslev
23 October - 20:00 Forbrændingen, Albertslund
24 October - 20:00 Stars, Vordingborg
25 October - 21:00 Loppen, Copenhagen
29 October - 20:00 Tobakken, Esbjerg
30 October - 20:00 Von Hatten, Randers
31 October - 20:00 Sønderborghus, Sønderborg
1 November - 20:00 Slagelse Musikhus, Slagelse

We hope to see you all out there on the danish venues.

Alot of joy from us and take good care of yourselves and the people around you!

Lily Electric

Taubertal Festival 2008 - The Nymph of Taubertal, where is she now?

We would like to use this blog as an opportunity to say thank you to the very nice people present at this years Taubertal Festival. To be so well taken care of and well treated, is a luxury that is not normal for us. thank you...and if you were unlucky and didn´t get to hear us, bits of it are here:

---- more taubertal ----


And then just a small note from the poetic corner. Popped in my mind when I walked over a bridge in Rothenburg.

" The river running aside the grounds, chuckled when it was touched by feminine feet. The giggle when she almost fell. She almost dropped her glass of delicate water, or that was at least what it looked like, and gave a big scream before she ran back on the shore. What was it that made her happy? " - Subberman
maybe because music was playing in the background ?

...a bit weird but it fits.

See you next time!


Lily Electric

mandag den 14. juli 2008


Hey everyone, now our new homepage is ready to sail the webocean. Visit www.lilyelectric.com often to see new pictures and movies from concerts, studio, rehearsing, talking, playing tabletennis, petting dogs and much more, ( there are so many possibilities, come to think of it!!!) and if you have a cool picture or a short video from a concert etc., you can send it to us, and if we like it, it will be broadcasted on the page. Send it to : webgallery@lilyelectric.com. cool..thanks!

Future: we have this week begun the recording of seven new songs. The future will be theirs, and them yours, in the fall ´08. The summer takes us to a couple of more festivals in DK and Germany. The Vestpark Festival and Taubertal Festival...make sure to catch on one of these shows.

I´m out of letters. We´ll talk soon...

Lily Electric